DrumCircle with Tokhi

Facilitator leads students and helps them to get into contact with each other, to collaborate with, to respect, to listen to and to trust each other.

Group drumming is the oldest form of team cooperation development. The origin dates back to the times of Mesopotamia, when each tribe drummed together during important events, decisions and celebrations. During these gatherings, drums served for concentration, attention, consideration of participants, harmony and collective experience – by that they were primarily developing ability to listen, to unite the group, ease tension, support each other and trust each other.

Drum as an instrument is the oldest instrument of human communication and we can say that it is the oldest neurological instrument. The effects of health drumming are proven by many neurological researches. One of the main benefits and evaluation systems are synchronisation of the right and the left hemisphere, endorphins secretion, immune system strengthening and body tension release.

The DrumCircle method is a form of group drumming, during which drummers, under the leadership of a facilitator, together play the drums or other percussion instruments, that all age groups can play. However, it is not about teaching, but spontaneous expression of an individual during cooperation with each other in a group, focusing on communication and strengthening of relationships in a group or Your company.

What is the DrumCirle

The DrumCircle is interactive, entertaining show, relaxation and alternative teaching in form of group drumming. The drummers will with the help of the lecturer create musical orchestra, which will change to the performance itself. However, the main goal is not to develop musical sense, but strengthening of social relations. That’s why this program is really suitable for everyone.

Why is the DrumCircle beneficial?

It is scientifically proven that drumming connects the right and the left hemisphere and turns off the analysing part of the brain. After the group drumming, the information absorbs better and even gets into the subconscious mind. That’s the reason, why drumming is used at schools all around the world. And just in the Czech Republic, we have been in tens of companies and schools, which experienced our programme, and the demand for the programme increases each year.

Are you interested in our performance in your company?

If you are interested in Groove Army Show with Tokhi or if you have any question or you have a proposal of cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be very happy for any feedback.